Kuroko's basketball
there's no meaning if you win alone!
"I will be the shadow to your light and make you the best player in Japan"

You’ll have to cut deeper than that!. Will I?

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Why don’t we make a deal?

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"Don’t apologize! Don’t make it seem like tossing to me was a mistake!”

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Upcoming Fall Anime of 2014 you should be looking forward to including an OVA recommendation.

(Click on the images for full size + date airing)

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shinshi of mikage shrine
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To let my heart be moved, 
to laugh from the bottom of my heart,
to find meaning in everyday life...
I wanted to be given permission.
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LeviHan // Chimi Chara

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Endless list of favorite anime characters -II-
↳ L Lawliet (Death Note)
"The bells are very loud today"
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“Tobio, I might actually lose to you with how quickly you evolve. But that won’t be today!”

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L E V I || A Choice With No Regrets

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