Kuroko's basketball
there's no meaning if you win alone!
"I will be the shadow to your light and make you the best player in Japan"

Ao Haru Ride ep 9 - Yoshioka Futaba

I have my own way of doing things, so I’d like you to keep your tosses consistent.  You’re not the only one thinking.

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Make me Choose: Saver (Fate/Prototype) or Tsunayoshi Sawada (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) asked by autorita 

 “I consider everything that happened to be precious moments of my life. The pain. The suffering. The fun… And I am here right now, because everyone was there for me. I couldn’t have accomplished anything by standing still, without anybody’s help. I treasure every moment I have spent here. Unlucky? I feel pretty lucky. This is my resolve.”

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Happy Birthday Aomine!

I’ve seen you shine brighter than anyone else and I’ve seen you cry harder than anyone else. You were born to be great and you are, you are loved. You’ve always been the ultimate light - you’re going to do great things. You’re going to take the world by storm. There was a time when you lost yourself but I’m so happy you’ve finally found your way back. Welcome home, I’m so proud of you ♥

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[2/5] Female Characters
"Pirate Empress" Boa Hancock
+ September, 2nd. Happy Birthday to the Queen ♥
Hurt Luffy and she will hurt you.
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for ndragneel, the nalu queen 
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"So? What’s your specialty?"


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Free! Festival

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Nishinoya or Kageyama → asked by kougamy
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Ao Haru Ride || Mabuchi Kou
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